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Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?

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How About Hard Common Sense?

Cannabis is a herb and a DRUG. It is a drug that induces physical and mental dependency. It alters the consciousness. Repeat it alters the consciousness. That means it affects the MIND. Therefore it should not be taken for recreational purposes. No substance that does theses things and has these properties should be taken for recreational purposes. Children and others who are immature and cannot understand secondary and tertiary consequences should not take any substance that has these properties.

Inhaling smoke of any type is damaging to the lungs and interferes with the breathing process. All smoke contains hazardous chemicals that cause disease. Do not smoke anything ever.

Intoxication with cannabis induces a state of passivity and loss of motivation for complex and linear thinking. This is something I cannot afford.

Having said that there are a number of demonstrated medicinal uses for cannabis. I said medicinal uses. Don’t take any medicine unless you are sick.

Unless you can understand the accurate dosing of powerful drugs that have the ability to ALTER THE WAY YOU THINK, it is foolish to mess around with something that can potentially have damaging effects of indeterminate duration on your THOUGHT PROCESSES for fun.

Cannabis negatively effects coordination and athletic performance. It worsens your ability to move in a coordinated fashion. If on the job and an accident occurs employers do drug testing for cannabis, alcohol and other drugs. Cannabis stays in your system for extended periods of time, so even if you are not currently intoxicated your drug test can come out positive for cannabis. You can be denied workers compensation for your on the job injury and be fired for being intoxicated on the job. A tough blow when you have had a serious injury.

Driving while intoxicated on any substance is reckless and immoral and a hazard to society. It is punishable by law. You could have taken cannabis weeks ago and still have enough in your urine to be classified as positive and be guilty of driving while intoxicated on a drug that effects your THINKING. I want everyone on the road with me to have clear thinking. How long you remain intoxicated and a risk to others and yourself while operating dangerous machinery depends highly on your tolerance the dose the body size, body fat percentage is a difficult calculation to make even for the most responsible individuals. When you take cannabis and you drive you are reckless and a danger to the public.

That there are MEDICINAL uses for many plants is well known. Cannabis like all medicinal herbs have their role in professional and lay medicine. Medicinal herbs should always be used responsibly and judiciously only when needed to treat illness and only when the cause of the illness has been identified and removed allowing the system to right itself. The use of any herb or drug of any type when the cause of the problem has not been identified and removed is counter productive to health and is by my common sense illogical.

BOO YAA So take your “scientific study” and deal with all that. And lastly intoxicating drugs are used to PACIFY populations that have been invaded and are being exploited. If your area is under colonial or post colonial or post neo-colonial domination then you are being pacified. Voluntarily submitting to pacification measures is treason to your ancestors and the planet itself. See China and the opium wars for history. It is no coincidence that at the stage of post industrial international monopoly capitalism and the rise of demagoguery and fascism that now this super potent pacifying drug is being unleashed on the world. Getting high on cannabis is COUNTERREVOLUTIONARY.

Few if any other medicinal substances are smoked and the smoke ingested. That is because smoking is hazardous to you health.

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