Make Plant-Based Your Lifestyle
Not Just A Diet

HESSaladEyesFacebookCongratulations on joining the plant-based food revolution. If you’ve decided that a vegan lifestyle is your goal but, you find that being consistent and staying on track is a challenge, you’re in the right place because we’ve got your back!

We’re dedicated to building the food revolution by teaching you how to create a tailor made solution so you can permanently end your struggle, release the weight, have more energy and be more active, healthy and strong.

We’ve combined Nana Kwaku’s decades of experience as a dietitian and physician and his commitment to natural health and healing with Ama’s philosophy of student focused education and 30 years of experience as an educator and curriculum developer to create a powerful and unique approach that will guide you towards successfully maintaining your vegan/plant-based/raw food lifestyle.


It’s everything you need to make the plant-based lifestyle work for you and your family!  We’ve brought it all together in one place, the structure and guidance, the recipes and information, the motivation and the guidelines and the community and support so you can sustain your plant-based lifestyle for the long-term.

Pamoja! combines all of our powerful online programs, along with monthly group coaching and a private Facebook Group so you’ll understand what your body needs, be creative, consistent and satisfied with your healthy diet and lifestyle and be successful in your quest for being vegan or raw vegan.

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Go from “I know I should…” and “I wish I could…” to “YES I DID!”

The following courses included in the Pamoja Membership can be purchased separately.

The Optimum Juice Fast

The safest and most effective method of fasting. Learn everything you need to safely detox, lose weight and jumpstart your body’s natural healing process. This is the exact process that Dr Nana Kwaku Opare, physician, nutritionist and integrative practitioner uses to help his patients reach their health goals. (This course is included in the Pamoja! membership.)

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Healthy Gourmet Mexican Raw Meal

Diversify your raw food diet and create healthy, delicious and filling meals for you and your family. In this course we show you how to make both basic and more involved recipes to add the wonderful flavors of Mexico to your living foods table. It’s time to eat to live in the most taste fulfilling way possible!

(This course is included in the Pamoja! membership.)

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Ama and Nana Kwaku OpareThis site is part of the Opare Institute family of programs dedicated to teaching you how to prevent or reverse disease and create the healthy lifestyle you desire. These courses will help you in your quest to adopt a healthy vegan diet and lifestyle. They support the work we do at Food For The Soul, our books and products at Opare Publishing, and the work of Nana Kwaku Opare, MD, MPH, CA.

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