Pain And Injury Care

Gentle, Effective Treatment – Fast Results

Dr. Opare, uses his unique combination of skills to address the underlying causes of your pain or injury and assists your body in rebuilding and repairing the problem. His integrative approach provides relief and promotes healing for acute as well as chronic pain and injuries, allowing you to feel better and get back to enjoying your life to the fullest.

Opare treats sports, structural and functional injuries of all types.

Dr. Opare's 25 plus years of experience as an emergency and urgent care attending physician, enable him to accurately pinpoint and treat the source of your pain or injury. He understands the limits of the natural non-surgical and the standard surgical approaches.

The Opare Method

The Opare Method is a unique and highly effective approach that combines acupuncture and osteopathic manual manipulation with osteopathic exercise prescription and where needed Chinese herbs or other medications. His approach is safe, effective, thorough and builds the foundation for a pain free life with full mobility and functioning.

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Osteopathic Manual Medicine

osteopathic manual manipulationHelps Restore Normal Bio-mechanical Functioning

Osteopathic manual medicine (or Osteopathic Manual Therapy OMT) is a hands-on method of treating injuries and pain of the spine and extremities using manual manipulation. OMT properly applied improves and or restores nomal function and range of motion of the spine and extremities. A range of techniques are employed that are suitable for all age groups and levels of infirmity.

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Exercise Prescription

Exercise PrescriptionStrengthens and maintains your progress

Dr Opare makes and teaches individualized therapeutic exercises prescriptions to nearly all of his patients with orthopedic conditions. Osteopathic exercise prescriptions are individualized, specific movements that are taught to patients to be done at home. They are used in combination with hands on treatments such osteopathic manipulation and massage to treat pain or injuries and prevent future problems by restoring neuromuscular balance. These quick and easy self-mobilization techniques when done regularly at home increase the effectiveness of the in-office treatments, speed recovery, and provides patients with a powerful tool to maintain proper functioning on their own.


greenaccupuncture copyTreats Pain and Inflammation

Acupuncture is well known in its ability to stop pain, what is not well known is its utility in reducing inflammation and speeding recovery. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have minimal risks or side effect and are thus safer and should therefore be used first before resorting to chemical medicine or surgery.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese HerbsReduce Swelling or Bruising

Chinese Herbs work alone or in collaboration with acupuncture to support the rebalancing of the Qi energy in the body. Chinese herbal medicine is also highly effective in reducing swelling and bruising without the infamous side effects of prescription or over the counter pharmaceuticals.