Natural Healing For Chronic Disease

Our Holistic Treatment Approach

In the 21st century throughout the world, those of us who are not in extreme poverty are fatter, sicker, and are dying younger despite more dollars spent on medicine then ever before. We are being diagnosed with chronic diseases at younger and younger ages. Our current lifestyle, including the so called SAD (Standard American Diet), is slowly killing us.

We understand and help you change the trajectory of your life by helping you build a new lifestyle.

We show you how to change the way you eat and live.  You CAN say goodbye to diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol and other diseases. Your body has a tremendous ability to heal itself-only if you care for it properly.

Returning to our natural vegan, whole, minimally processed or raw food diet and understanding how to cooperate with our bodies natural healing abilities is key to achieving better health.

OpareRXPadDr. Opare's Rulebook and User Guide For Healthy Living approach to health is an African Natural Hygiene approach. It is based on the recognition that there are certain rules for caring for ourselves that must be followed to achieve good health. While eating right is one of the biggest factors, others include drinking enough water, getting enough rest, exercising,  along with twelve other rules he has seen clinically to be keys to health.

Dr. Opare combines nutritional medicine with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Osteopathic manual medicine, and physician supervised juice fasting to assist your body's natural healing process.


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Nutritional Medicine

applesteth1Nutritional medicine is the treatment of illness by the restoration of proper patterns of diet thereby restoring the bodies natural balance. What we eat has a profound impact on our health. Improper diet is known to lead to diabetes, heart disease and most other chronic illnesses. These are in reality "food bourn illnesses". Kemetic (ancient Afrikan name of Egypt) wisdom states “Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food.”

Dr. Opare prescribes a plant-based, whole food diet, vegan and raw/living food lifestyle.  This is a key factor for reversing or preventing disease.

Our educational programs, the Physician Supervised Juice Fast and our Food For The Soul website are designed to guide your transition to a healthy lifestyle, learn how to make delicious vegan food and to support your healing process.


accupnctThe body has a flow of energy (Qi) running through it. On the surface it has been found to flow specifically in channels called meridians. When this flow is disrupted or unbalanced, illness, pain and inflammation can result. Acupuncture uses very thin needles inserted into specific points on the meridians to restore the balance.

Acupuncture is well known for its ability to stop pain, reduce inflammation and speed recovery. It also promotes proper blood flow and stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms among its many actions. Acupuncture reduces stress and aids relaxation.

Acupuncture has been practiced for more than 5000 years. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the past quarter century with licensure in over two thirds of the States.

Supervised Juice Fast

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Juice Fasting is a powerful healing tool. During the fast the body is able to release and eliminate accumulated toxins from our diets, our addictions, and our environments. Once these toxins are removed, the body is able to work to return to it's natural healthy state. When combined with self observation and reflection, journaling, prayer/meditation, education and a commitment to making changes, the fasting process provides an opportunity for making profound changes in your emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Dr. Opare, co-author of The Optimum Fast has 20 plus years expertise supervising juice fasts. While fasting, patients with serious medical conditions such as diabetes require careful monitoring as blood chemistries and medication requirements change rapidly. Medications are suspended or markedly adjusted by Dr. Opare during your fast. Often following the fast medications are no longer needed or are markedly reduced.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese HerbsChinese Herbs work alone or in collaboration with acupuncture to support the rebalancing of the Qi energy in the body. Chinese herbal medicine is also highly effective in healing illnesses and the reducing of swelling and bruising without the infamous side effects of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).