DrBagClearYour Own Personal, Private Physician ~ 24-Hour Access
Provided by Nana Kwaku Opare, MD, MPH, CA

When you are sick or injured you want your doctor to listen. You want your questions answered quickly. You want to know that you will receive comprehensive, safe, up-to-date, top-notch care when you need it. You want to know what you can do to get better and feel better fast. You want peace of mind.

Our Kilombo* Care Concierge Program provides you access, convenience, and the level of care and attention you deserve. To ensure a high quality of service, Dr. Opare limits the number of Executive Concierge Members the practice serves.

Call 404-494-9123 to get started.

Your Kilombo Care Program includes:

Annual Comprehensive Evaluation

✓ Basic blood work
✓ Complete physical
✓ Chinese Medicine evaluation
✓ Osteopathic bio-mechanical evaluation
✓ Rule Book and User Guide lifestyle interview
✓ Detailed recommendations for improving your health

24/7 Physician’s Cell Phone Access

Personalized Physician Care via House Calls

✓ As needed for acute or ongoing care. (Total number of visits varies based on your chosen package size.)
✓ Integrative Injury Care
✓ Integrative Health Care
✓ Urgent Care

Kitchen Coaching with Ama Opare

☛ Invitation to monthly support group and special events

Access to member only website with health resources, online training and forums

Optional: Physician Supervised Juice Fast add-on (additional fee required)


[stextbox id=”custom” caption=”What Does Kilombo Mean?” image=”null”]*The term Kilombo is a Bantu term meaning camp or fort. It was used to denote the places built and populated by Afrikans resisting slavery after escaping from their enslavers. These maroon communities allowed indigenous traditions and cultures to flourish, and the people to live their lives free. During the colonial period hundreds of Kilombo existed, the most well know of which was Palmares in Brazil.[/stextbox]

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