Ama OpareEducation Director, Chef, Instructor, Lifestyle Coach

Ama, a gourmet raw vegan chef, plant-based lifestyle coach, blogger as well as a lifelong educator and an program director. She earned a BS in Education at Central Michigan University, a MS in Early Childhood Education and an MS in Educational Leadership at Eastern Michigan University. Her blog, Food For The Soul, provides vegan recipes and support for living a plant-based or vegan lifestyle. You can find it at Ama also does freelance web design.

Ama has provided educational opportunities for children, youth and adults in a broad range of areas since 1983. She has directed programs, developed curriculum, and taught classes for all ages. She is a published author, and public speaker.

Ama believes that each of us has a divinely given gift and life path. We have been disconnected from this path and our gifts by the socializing and mind numbing effects of our current society (media, Standard American Diet, mis-education etc). By learning to listen to that still, small voice within we can begin to re-align our lives with our intended purpose and course.

Ama collaborates with Dr. Opare by providing a nurturing environment and educational opportunities that support your healing process. Working together, the patient, the doctor, and guide, we can make life affirming changes in your body, mind, and spirit.

Ama says “I have spent my life helping others learn to listen to their inner-selves, to trust themselves, and to move towards their best selves. I told my daughters as they went off to school ‘Let your light shine and you can do anything!’ I look forward to helping you shine your light bright out into the world.”

Ama is the Chief Executive Officer and Education Director of Opare Institute.

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