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Make Healthy Eating Your Lifestyle–Not Just A Diet

Your step-by-step guide to Raw/vegan food and how to make it – Vegan nutrition and health – Cope with emotional eating – Plus personalized support


Do you feel like you’ll always be stuck “trying” to be vegan or raw?

You’re a “Yo-Yo Vegan” starting and stopping over and over because your cravings seem to be in control of your mind and eating choices. You want to fully adopt to a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve struggled with being overweight for years.

You wonder why you can’t lose weight or keep it off. You’ve tried endless diets and meal plans but nothing lasts for long because they’re boring and don’t fit your life. You want the feeling of accomplishment when you release the extra weight.

Or you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

You don’t want to deal with the health issues that plague your family. You know a plant-based lifestyle is the key to breaking the pattern but you worry about eating the right foods. You want to learn the right way to eat for life and health and be an example to your family.

You don’t have to live your life this way!

You CAN successfully create a plan that will keep you on track change your life! You CAN learn how to prepare healthy delicious and filling meals you and your family will enjoy. You CAN be free from anxiety about your weight and your health. And you CAN do it without giving up your real world life.


Join us for Pamoja! and say goodbye to emotional and unhealthy eating

We’ve brought it all together in one place, the structure and guidance, the recipes and information, the motivation and the guidelines for how to sustain your plant-based lifestyle for the long-term.

It’s everything you need to be successful in your quest for a healthy lifestyle!

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Learn what you need to know. Get supportive coaching. Tap into expert nutrition information. Join a community of like minded people. And much, much more!


Kami: “I can now crave something and ask what’s going on. Chances are I can choose the healthier option instead.”

“I always wanted to have a healthier diet, but I kept getting frustrated with setbacks. I had many “start, mess up, quit” moments that weighed heavy on my ability to keep at it. When I signed up I was concerned that I would repeat my cycle of starting and then quitting.”

"The videos and food journal were the most helpful for me. I realized that part of my issue was having enough information about changing my diet and also not spending time thinking about why I may have been having setbacks.

I did so much reflecting in my food journal, I can now sit in my car craving something and can ask what's going on with me physiologically/mentally? Is that why I'm craving this? What is a better alternative? Chances are, I can answer each of those and choose the healthier option instead.

I think the pace of the course is manageable even for busy people and the information cannot be matched. I gained so much from this and know others will as well."
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Who Are We?

AmaBeforeI’m Ama Opare, chef, educator, author and coach. In 2006, I was 49 years old, recently divorced, overweight, worried about my health, and eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). I had spent years as a vegetarian-wanna-be.

I felt out of control, unable to stop myself from eating sugar, fast food and processed food. I was frustrated because I couldn’t keep my weight under control. I was confused by all of the conflicting claims and “facts” and overwhelmed by trying to figure out what I should and shouldn’t eat.

Most of all I was afraid that I was headed for the same fate as my family; diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer.

I knew I should be eating better but I didn’t know how to make it work for me. I tried to figure it out by myself but I ended up more confused than ever. My cravings seemed to control my choices. My diet didn’t get any better. It only got worse over the years and so did my health.

In 2007, with Dr. Opare’s help, I was finally able to make the changes I’d been longing to make and I can’t imagine going back.

Nana Kwaku shared with me his revolutionary paradigm for creating and sustaining a healthy plant-based lifestyle. He taught me what he has spent over 30 years teaching his patients.


I’m Nana Kwaku Opare MD, MPH, CA, physician, dietitian, author and teacher.  Inspired to actually help people be healthy and not just manage their disease, I completed my training in food/nutrition/dietetics, public health, and medicine. I saw the dehumanizing hypocrisy and harmful nature of standard medicine with its heavy reliance on drugs and surgery. Fed up, I sought out non-harmful and natural treatment alternatives. I went on to complete training in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine and later osteopathic manual medicine.

During early 80’s, motivated by the prevalent food caused illness in my family and determined not to succumb myself, I began a slow transition towards a plant-based/vegan diet. I have been a strict dietary vegan and, for years a time, raw vegan for more than 20 years. I credit primarily my diet for my excellent health.

Over the past three decades I have had dual and eventually integrated practices in standard and alternative medicine. I term my philosophy of medicine as Afrikan Natural hygiene.

I believe the only rational way to approach a health challenge is to first and foremost clearly identify the cause of the problem and permanently remove it. I assert that by following what I have entitled my book, “Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living” you will then create the environment where healing occurs.


Choosing a plant-based or vegan lifestyle is a revolutionary decision

Revolution requires new skills, and new tools.

Join us for Pamoja! for all the tools you need for the food revolution.

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You’ll start right away learning what you need to know to be successful. You’ll get supportive coaching. You’ll be guided by expert nutrition information. You’ll also join a community of like minded people. And much, much more!


There are lots of diet plans, detox systems and cookie cutter programs out there. You can spend hundreds of dollars on detox systems, or meal plans, or retreats that give you no more than short-term benefits at most. You’ll do great for a while, then you’re back where you started. You’re feeling depressed and like a failure because you’re battling the same old problems all over again.

In the end you blame yourself for not being strong enough to keep your stress and cravings or your work and family situation from throwing you off track. If this sounds familiar, you probably believe that you’re too weak, too busy, or too something but that maybe one day you’ll find the right time to make it work.

But you are not to blame!

You may think others were just born with strong will power or the right environment or the right genes or without the stresses you have. They weren’t.


You don’t have all the tools you need

The reason you fail is because the partial solutions you’ve tried haven’t shown you how to deal with the roadblocks you are bound to confront.

Tools like:

  • How to overcome the emotional, physiological and addiction issues that seem to take control of your behavior. 
  • The confidence that you’re eating the right food and getting the nutrition you need. 
  • How to create delicious meals that you look forward to eating.
  • How to not only survive but to thrive in the non-vegan world we live in. 

Without these tools you end up feeling discouraged and disappointed in yourself because you don’t see the long-term change you want and need. Your goals and hopes seem out of reach.

As much as you might want it to be true, there’s no magic potion or quick fix that will allow you to jump over all the steps that are required to make a long-lasting lifestyle change. Once size-fits-all solutions just don’t work for the long haul.

You need a solution that is tailored to you, works for your situation, for your life, for your goals.

You’re a unique person and you need a unique system to insure your success. You need a personalized solution that targets your needs, uses your strengths, and helps you develop a strategy for making this a way of life for you and your family no matter what the future brings.

Our Four Pillars approach provides you with the structure and guidance you need to bust through those roadblocks and discover what works best for you and your day-to-day life.



Selena: “Now I’m a confident vegan, a bolder vegan.”

“The Healthy Eating Success program is an excellent course to learn things that your doctor or physician may not share with you. They’re not just pointing and saying “you should go that way.” They are giving you the tools that will make “that way” feasible and attainable.”

"I had 3 main concerns about taking the course: 1) the course material would be too complex for me and I would eventually quit from frustration; 2) I would be judged or beaten over the head with "holier than thou" rhetoric or opinions; 3) that the recipes would be too cumbersome to follow or worse, tasteless. My family's cultures span the Caribbean diaspora and I still wanted to be able to eat in a healthier way that reflected those cultures.

Ama Opare is easy to listen to, down-to-earth and very encouraging. When you're nervous about making changes or may not have the support in your circles, it is refreshing to have a smiling face and warm demeanor to interact with.

I'm a firm believer that knowledge is power and that without the right knowledge people can and often do perish. From the recipes, to the reading material to the extremely helpful tips and suggestions...all of it helped to increase my knowledge of my health to feel more confident in my decision to continue living a healthier lifestyle.

Now I'm a confident vegan, a bolder vegan. I no longer apologize for not eating foods that negatively impact my health. I have "weapons" in my arsenal and it feels amazing to not only feel like I've made the right decision but know it as well.

I cannot fully attest to how much the power of food journaling + self-reflection - impacted my esteem and outlook on living vegan. I was able to pinpoint where my attitude from food came from, assess how it has affected my diet and make a plan to circumvent those things. Having a plan in place to cope with negative habits and circumstances is probably the single greatest accomplishment I've had during this course.

I cannot say thank you enough. I truly cannot. I also can't believe the 6 weeks has gone by sooo quickly. I look amazing. That's the general consensus of friends and family. And so far, about 3 people I know have decided to "go vegan" even if for a short while because they can't believe how good my hair and skin look. 🙂 Thank you again. ((hugs))"
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Pamoja! is your source for the tools you need for success

We’ve put everything in one place:

  • The structure and guidelines you need,
  • The recipes and information you want,
  • The supportive community of like-minded people you’ve been missing
  • And the guidance and accountability to sustain your plant-based lifestyle for the long-term.

We combined monthly Group Coaching with all of our online training programs, Healthy Eating Success, Healthy Gourmet, Juice Fasting For Health Wellness and Weightless.

We topped it all off with membership in our private Facebook group.

We’ve spent years teaching people like you how to permanently end their struggles with their diet and their health using the Four Pillars of Success. We combine Nana Kwaku’s decades of experience as a dietitian and physician and his perspectives on health and healing with Ama’s philosophy of learner directed, hands-on education and 30 years of experience as an educator and curriculum developer.

Pamoja! brings it all together at a low monthly rate.


Your Membership Includes:

  • Multimedia education with in-depth video lessons, pdf downloads, and a Q&A section. We’ll be there to answer your questions and help you put what you learn into action. ($1200 value)
  • A One-On-One coaching session with Ama to get you started off right and tailor the program to your personal needs. ($197 value)
  • Monthly Group coaching calls and live quick fix training sessions that you’ll be able to access online or catch the replays after the fact. ($97 per month value)
  • Supportive Community in the member only Facebook group and online forums to connect to others in the program so you’ll never be alone. ($57 value)
  • New tools and resources every month to make your plant-based lifestyle accessible, achievable and enjoyable. ($27 a month value)

The combined price for everything that’s included is normally offered at over $1700.

You’ll get access to it all
for just $37 per month!

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It’s all yours for as long as you’re a member of Pamoja!

Or get lifetime access for just $497

Lifetime Access For $497

Whether you’re new to the plant-based lifestyle or you’ve been at this for a while, we’re here to help you reach your goals.



Each month we’ll go step-by-step through a system to design your own tailor-made solution so you’ll be able to be consistent and stay on track.

pamoja_startstrongModule 1- What does success look like to you? Create your blueprint for building your long-term success.

~ Get to know Ama and Nana Kwaku better
~ One-on-one coaching session with Ama to map out a plan that is tailored made for you
~ The #1 most important tool for making lifestyle change
~ Set your goals and create a plan for getting there
~ Fast and easy recipes to get you started right away


layingfoundationModule 2 – We start to lay the foundation for a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

~ Why you really ARE a vegetarian
~ The truth about protein, calcium and more
~ Understand what goes into your vegan kitchen
~ Discover the subconscious patterns that are blocking your success
~ Learn recipes that use the basic skills in a vegan/raw kitchen



Module 3 – It’s time to build the structures to help maintain and sustain your lifestyle into the future.

~ Why the SAD (Standard American Diet) helps the rich keep getting richer and hurts us
~ The truth about why dairy does NOT do the body good
~ The secret about preventing disease the medical industry doesn’t want you to know
~ How to fit healthy eating into your busy schedule
~ The secret to making amazing desserts FAST and more!

makingitworkModule 4 – Let’s individualize the work you are doing to fit your lifestyle and needs.

~ Why your cravings seem to control and sabotage you
~ What to do to break your sugar/junk food habits
~ Understand the phases of the transition process
~ How to create a plan to zap the trouble spots that sabotage you
~ Expand your repertoire with even more advanced skills and recipes


livinginrealworldModule 5 – Tie everything you’ve learned together and make it sustainable for the rest of your life.

~ What traditional cultures know about food that “western” cultures ignore
~ How to choose the best food for your individual body constitution
~ How to create a safety net to support your healthy lifestyle
~ Take your kitchen skills up a notch and make your own recipes


Group Coaching – Every month in you’ll get targeted help on the issues you’re facing.

~ Meet via video conference so you’ll be able to join us no matter where you are in the world
~ Make connections and learn from others on the journey
~ Ask nutrition questions and erase your concerns
~ One-on-one email follow up with us to keep you on track


BONUS – Plus you’ll also get our complete Juice Fasting Training to jump-start your progress + our Healthy Gourmet raw food courses + Dr. Opare’s Rule Book And User Guide resources + Monthly Quick Fix Trainings + access to our private forum and Facebook Community AND One-on-One coaching sessions at a deeply discounted rate of only $57. 


It’s everything you need to create a lifelong healthy plant-based lifestyle PLUS a supportive community of like-minded people!

All for just $37 per month!

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Or get lifetime access for just $497

Lifetime Access For $497


Our Four Pillars of Success

FourPillarsHESPillar #1 Deep Self Understanding- Explore your inner emotional and psychological framework for your behaviors. Without this awareness you won’t understand why you do what you do, or how to change that framework to one that works.

Pillar #2 Common Sense Nutrition Education- Understand what your body really needs and cut through the confusing, conflicting information you hear and see all around you allows you to relax and stop worrying.

Pillar #3 Kitchen Mastery-Eating healthy doesn’t mean boring, tasteless food. It does mean you’ll need to upgrade your kitchen skills to learn the skills, tricks and recipes of the vegan kitchen and become a healthy gourmet in your own kitchen.

Pillar #4 Real World Navigation Skills-Few of us don’t have to navigate in non-vegan spaces. You need an effective plan for how to stay committed in these situations that addresses your needs based on the awareness you gained in Pillar #1.

With these skills and tools you have the power and the freedom to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that fits your schedule, your budget, and your goals.


The full value of your Pamoja! membership is really priceless when you consider the impact making a permanent change in your diet will have in your life and your family. I mean really! What’s the value of a longer, healthier life to spend doing the things you love with the ones you love? It’s priceless! You’re priceless!

Satisfaction Guarantee – While we believe you’ll feel you’re getting tremendous value from your Pamoja! membership, you can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked.

Check-out securely via Paypal with your credit card or Paypal account. Then you’ll have immediate access to the Start Strong To Stay Strong training and the first months resources. Then, each month you’ll gain access to new material.

Contact us at foodforthesoul(at)opare(dot)net if you have questions.

Isn’t it time to take control
and get your life back?

You’re tired of this struggle. You’re worried about what’s going on with your health. You’re frustrated and disappointment in yourself.

You have a beautiful vision for your life. You have important things to do. But the question is are you willing to do the work to get there?

Having a vision isn’t enough. You can’t just flip a switch and expect it to happen just like that. It’s going to take some work.

Are you willing to step up for yourself and make this happen? Are you willing to let us help you get to those goals? Because you can get there.

You can stop beating up on yourself today!

It’s time to turn over a new leaf. Let’s put the past behind you. You are standing at the crossroads. On the left is the road you’ve been traveling a lot… it’s rough, uphill, rocky, and full of frustration and toil.

On the right, the road less traveled. It’s smooth, paved, and proven to be the easiest way to completely and successfully adopt a plant-based lifestyle!

Choose the right road. Let’s walk that road together.

We can’t wait to see you inside!

Become a Member of Pamoja! Today!

Become A Member Today!

Or get lifetime access for just $497

Lifetime Access For $497

Learn what you need to know. Get supportive coaching. Tap into expert nutrition information. Join a community of like minded people. And much, much more!

Angela: “I’m better able to deal with the stresses of life so that I can stay on track with a raw/vegan diet.”
“I’ve learned so much more about myself through doing the exercises and why I make the choices that I do and I’m better able to deal with the stresses of life so that I can stay on track with a raw/vegan diet.”
"I like the video instruction, interactive feedback in the comment section and connecting with other like minded people taking the course.

I would recommend this course to someone really open to and interested in changing their dietary lifestyle to a plant based one. The course is comprehensive, adequately addresses social pressures, the emotional aspect, and encourages journaling, goal setting, visualization all tools needed to be successful."
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Reggie: “Awesome experience! Life changing!!”
“My challenges are eating chips and preparing the raw food dishes. Also, I eat out for lunch every day and am challenged to find raw foods other than salads. I feel very good going forward staying on this path to a mostly raw vegan diet.”
“I learned that food is more than just nutrients, but there is a spiritual component to food that helps in our wellness and health. Also, that certain foods optimize how you feel whether they are raw or otherwise and vice versa. Eating raw is revolutionary and will allow me to continue meeting my life goals.I’m sleeping a bit better, lost a few pounds and inches. I understand why eating raw is better and this way of eating makes more common sense. This class exceeded my expectations. It provided me the tools that I will use to stay the course. Awesome experience – Life changing!!”
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Charlotte: “I look and feel much better. I lost inches and have more energy. Everyone says I look great.”
“Once I had some recipes and saw how easy it was to prepare foods, I felt confident to do so. It was very helpful in explaining the dangers of chicken and fish, which I had been eating, and in explaining the benefits of being conscious of what one eats. This was helpful in my decision to change my food intake.”
“I cooked one favorite dish and found that I did not enjoy it. So now it can be put on my don’t eat list with ease. I look at food differently now and really think about what it is going to do to my body. I look and feel much better. I lost inches and have more energy. Everyone says I look great. I am now more conscious of my food choices and intake and I want to continue to look and feel great.”
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Anonymous: “I am no longer giving my money to the pharmacies each month. WOW! What a blessing.”
“My biggest challenges were not planning for days that I was not at home. Now I know what to do at all times. The class exceeded my expectations. I am no longer giving my money to the pharmacies each month. WOW! What a blessing.”
“During the past six weeks, I have lost weight, toned my muscles, learned to relax and take one hour at a time rather than rushing through life non-stop without any thoughts about my body and life.”
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Become A Member Today!

Or get lifetime access for just $497

Lifetime Access For $497

Contact us at foodforthesoul(at)opare(dot)net if you have questions.